Japanese Keirin Part 3!!!

All That Team Dream New New!!!


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Bart’s Bike Gang!


Illustration by Michael Cottle!

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Merckx Monday: Do you know your Merckxabet?



Bicycling asked Eddie Merckx to give them a word and description for every letter of the alphabet and this is what he came up with! You can see the article in the new Bicycling and they’re selling the patches and the posters!!!

F@%K Yeah Mondrian Track Bike!!!


People are drawn to particular bikes that fit their own personalities and riding styles. Here at Zipp and SRAM, we love bikes as well as work in the bike industry. So we’re starting a new feature called the “Bikes of Zipp and SRAM” to highlight employee bikes and the stories behind them. We’re starting off with Chris Chou, who works for SRAM Dealer Service in Indianapolis, and his Zipp-equipped Look track bike.

Chris Chou grew up in suburban Washington, D.C., skateboarding and snowboarding. At 17, he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, for art school and joined the fixed gear bike craze. That started a love affair with cycling that since has spanned the globe and about every style of riding. After university, Chou headed to New York City to work in bike shops, first in sales. He’d hang out with the mechanics to learn how to build and repair road and mountain bikes. Next stop was South Korea, where he taught English and spent his free time exploring local bike culture and attending keirin races. Before landing at SRAM about two years ago, Chou also attended a frame-building school in Colorado Springs and worked as a mechanic at Mellow Johnny’s in Austin, Texas.

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