Women’s Specific Track Bike for Team USA!

And did we mention that it’s left-hand drive!


“It’s a sport-altering design that was built 100 percent from the ground up for female racers — with the women’s team getting unprecedented financial and technical support. If male pursuit riders ever end up on bikes like this, they’ll be following the women’s lead.”

Read more at Pretty Damned Fast and VeloNews!

Some really nice photos of Matt Reyes…

by Jason Sellers of FWD – BOUND!




Jason also has a Tumblr…check it out!!!

Eddy Bach!

Last week to Pre-order the Bike Jerks Superfriends Team Kit!

I was lucky enough to take some of the photos for this launch, and couldn’t be happier with the images.





Pre-order the jersey…HERE!

And Pre-order the bib…HERE!

There is so much backstory to this kit, definitely too much for this busy morning. But the one thing I will say, is that this kit is my spirit animal!

You can also read a little bit about the kit at Bike Jerks!

This Nagasawa illustration is so good!


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