DSNV still running…

I look forward to seeing this full-length. Anybody know the jams?



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Life as a London Bike Courier.


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It’s always fun telling people at dinner parties that I work as a cycle courier. Quite often they’ll simply look at me in disbelief, or as if they’re trying to calculate how this perfectly ordinary-looking woman, with her blow-dried hair and ability to discuss the Man Booker shortlist, could possibly metamorphose into one of those hooligans they’ve seen blazing through junctions.

Occasionally they’ll ask, “Yes, but what do you really do?” It’s as if they’re trying to find a way of explaining me to themselves. I don’t look like a cycle courier, so there must be more to me than that. Am I a PhD student doing this to make ends meet? Am I an actor researching a role? Am I an unfortunate soul who simply can’t find any other job, and thought this might be a more glamorous dead end than working in Tesco?

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Emily Chappelle is the author of What Goes Around: A London Cycle Courier’s Story

Golden Saddle Cyclery Sunday Social: Head to Toe!


Join us for Head to Toe: Fit and Technology of Helmets and Shoes. It’s the second edition of Sunday Social, a series of women’s events at Golden Saddle Cyclery. Come hang out, have a drink, and meet some other ladies who ride. This time around, Amanda Schaper of Giro will walk us through women’s and unisex cycling shoes, and the differences between them. We will also learn about MIPS helmet technology, which can keep you safer in a crash, but perhaps most exciting thing you’ll see are halter bib shorts, so you can actually pee during a ride without removing your jersey! Women only please. Bring a cup for beverages and a pair of socks you ride in to try on some shoes. See you at the shop!

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Remember boys, ladies only!

Merckx Monday: Veloposters