Path Less Pedaled at LA River Camp Coffee!

See everyone tomorrow!

I’d also suggest putting the above video on while checking your emails this morning!

Fuck Yeah Swallow Bicycle Works!

The Empire Strikes Back!

Yo! Jimbos!


Looks like Yojimbos Garage in Chicago is doing a pre-order for tees and fleece for the holidays!


A few messenger videos…

most definitely worth watching!

All found at DIABLOTRONYC!

The first ever GSC Sunday Social!


I was having a cup of coffee with Kyle Kelley when he suggested I host a series of women’s events at Golden Saddle Cyclery. He wanted women to take over the shop for a night, no men allowed. I could do whatever I wanted, but it should be as much of a party as it was about products. With that in mind, I christened it “Sunday Social”, to be held on Sunday nights after the shop is closed. GSC is more than just my local bike shop. It feels like a clubhouse for me. Since it first opened I’ve spent a lot of hours there tipping back beers, talking bikes, and dishing dirt. I wanted other women to feel as welcome there as I did.

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