Family Guy and Bike Couriers?

Two dirty videos worth watching…

Dave Moulton on Brian Baylis…


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It was a sad moment this morning when I learned that framebuilder and painter Brian Baylis had died the previous evening. I felt I definitely needed to write some sort of tribute, as Brian was one of the first people I met and worked along-side when I came to San Marcos, California in the early 1980s.

But what to say in writing such a piece, that is the problem. Brian Baylis was such a complex character, even when you knew him, you didn’t really understand exactly where he was coming from, so how does a person begin to explain that personality to others who never knew him. I’ll just have to start at the beginning and do the best I can.

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Never not impressing me…

and just to be clear, I’m talking about Damian, not Chrome!

Loving all of this!!!