Tools of the trade…


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Ride with Ringtail!

Get better soon Aaron!


Photo by Brenton Salo!

This GoFundMe is to support Aaron Edge through his physical and emotional recovery after a serious crash while mountain biking in Southern California. At this stage in his recovery, Aaron won’t be cleared by his physician to return to work at Western Bikeworks for some time. We’re gathering together at this GoFundMe to uplift our friend in his time of need.

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Paul Components are made in the U.S.A!


So of course this was a good idea!

This photo makes me so happy!


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I really hope everyone is still having fun!

Is there any other water bottle cage?

Absolutely not!


Checkout this super rad photo of Ron Andrews from King Cage by Morgan Meredith! It was taken with an Olympus Pen(Half-frame Jammer) and appeared in Bike Magazine sometime in 2006, but could have easily been taken today!