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Speedvagen and Golden Saddle Cyclery ride and pizza party tomorrow!


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I.AM.WE.ARE: Wilis


I.A.W.A: What is your name, where are you from, how long have you been riding? :

Wilis Johnson: I’m from Washington State. I grew up in Olympia and moved to Seattle at 14 and traveled a bunch after ending up in NYC in 2007. I’ve been riding for as long as I can remember. My first bike was I had was around the age of 5, I remember bending the training wheels up because I couldn’t figure out how to take them off and taught myself how to ride in the driveway. After that it was BMX and local dirt track abandoned lot jams, we all were trying to do what we saw in the magazines, racing each other, x ups, kick outs and eventually back flips. At age 12, I had 2 paper routes and eventually learned I couldn’t do it on my BMX so I used my moms 10 speed with front and rear baskets and used that for a couple of years. I used the money to save up for nicer BMX, components and skateboards. Later after moving to Seattle and skateboarding and taking the bus everywhere I saw some Messengers riding MTB bikes and the rest is history really.

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