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A conversation with Geoff McFetridge…


First things first: how did you start riding road bikes?

It was a slow-burn thing for me. I moved to LA, and I couldn’t help but notice the occasional rider travelling through the city, exploring and traversing. I got a road bike and just rode alone all the time, and I dug in to the aesthetics and feelings of riding a bike. The interesting thing is that this was around the time of Armstrong, so cycling was booming, but just not in the way that I was interested in. I mean, I loved to watch the Tour and so on, but it wasn’t why I rode a bike.
I would meet people and get little bits of information, and piece together my own version of the sport. Once I met this older couple out on a ride who asked, “have you been to Mt Wilson yet?” I hadn’t even realized you could do that, just ride up a mountain for fun.

Was there a tipping point when you started to ride with others?

A lot of things happened at once – which is how life works out, I find. For example, I found Sheldon Brown’s blog, which opened my eyes to a version of cycling that wasn’t about ‘performance’.
His aesthetic was super funny, and quite interesting, but it was clear that he was deeply thinking about stuff. Can you make a two-speed fixed gear bike? And crazy stuff like that. He was doing all these things that appealed to me, because it was clearly just about the purity of riding. He had an ethos that was remarkable.
His website is like nothing else. Reading it is like having a guided tour of a very well-organized and intelligent brain – with things you just couldn’t find anywhere else.
It is really intense. He had so many bikes, and none of them were normal. The drivetrain would be on the wrong side, or he’d have super-obscure components, and so on…

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“Geoff circa 2008″

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Swift Campout Disposable Cameras!

Here are my three favorite photos!




But I may be bias because these three photos are of three things I love very much, track bikes, Martina from Swift, and Los Angeles!

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Expose Yourself to Cycling!

This new Cicli Devoltion longsleeve is the tits!



The old Cicli Devotion studio is still one of my favorite shop visits!

Cycling caps hip or hideous?


A recent New York Times article described a Moschino men’s fashion show where models hit the runway wearing $450 cycle caps.

The story went on to discuss the rising popularity of cycle caps amongst Brooklyn’s hipsters as a form of street wear, even if they don’t own a bike, concluding that their beauty lies in their ugliness.

This attribute is generally beyond dispute, lending wearers a certain Pee-Wee Herman goofiness. However the caps (never hats) certainly weren’t a fashion statement when they first appeared on cyclists’ heads in the early 20th century…

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If they’re good enough for Wesley Snipes…they are good enough for me!