Bicycle Buenos Aires and feel better!


The City of Buenos Aires has been encouraging the use of bicycles to solve complex problems associated with traffic, health and pollution. A new print advertising campaign, developed at La Comunidad, encourages the use of bicycles even more by promoting the benefits that riding a bike grants to the different parts of our body.

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This is what life is all about!

I sell bikes, not prices!


If you’ve never seen 2 Seconds, I’d highly suggest it!

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Pedal Consumption visits DKlien Studio!


Patrick from Pedal Consumption did a great job showing off DKlein’s Studio in Berkley, CA. Personally loving the tattooed pig hooves, and all the little details that make up Dustin’s space. Dustin really knows how to make a space look good and function the way it should for creative output as well!

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Kinoko Journal: Issue 1

Tons of great stuff in this first issue, really looking forward to see what’s next!


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Speaking of Cherubim!