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Reporting Home!



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The trials and tribulations of owning a small bike shop…

by Chris Kelly of Topanga Creek Bicycles!

Chris Kelly does stand up comedy for the first time in 15 years at the Improv in Hollywood. Chris owns a bicycle shop in Topanga Canyon and his 8 minutes are a funny look at the challenges of retail in the world of the Internet and his unique location in Topanga.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Chris and all of his bicycle endeavors. He had told me a little bit about this skit at Frostbike. And to come back from Minneapolis and see this, I just had to share! Next up…the Omaha Bicycle Co. and Topanga Creek Bicycle’s Shop Swap! Now…that’ll be interesting!

I’d like to have Hunter Cycles anything!

Track bike, cyclocross bike, hip-bag, canti barrel-adjusters, anything! If you didn’t notice…I’m a huge fan!

It had to be two pics today!

Erik from Peacock Groove really knows how to party!



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