Even more Tom Ritchey…



If you don’t know who Tom Ritchey is then you need to do your homework. Back at the birth of mountain biking, Tom was the guy who actually made metal tubes into bikes.

This was the first in an upcoming series of ‘Old Skool x New School​’ events created by The
Bicycle Academy. A collaboration between the legends of the framebuilding world and the
new wave of frame builders creating the future of bicycle making.

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The Tie-dye Ringtail Breeze Breakers are back…

and not in black!!!


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That new Team Dream and All-City cap is smoking!


Hit up your local bike shop if you’d like one of these!!!

Artwork by Emilio Santoyo!!!

Kelsey Phillips does what she loves…

and that’s all that matters!!!


Rachel Gitajn of All-City Cycles!!!

Also checkout the piece Pretty Damned Fast did on Rachel as well!!!

I hope you’re DJing the next All-City party!!!