Merckx Monday: From Pro’s Closet Article in Peloton!


Image by Jordan Clark Haggard!

R.I.P Mike Hall…


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You can donate to Mike Hall’s family at Just Giving.

This man changed endurance cycling forever and will never be forgotten. Mike Hall we salute you! Ride in peace.

ENVE: Builder of the Year Contest!


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Kinda bummed about there being no Track Bike representation tho!

Maybe coffee and a Super Pista!


Illustration by Carter Asmann!

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I don’t think I’ve been so excited about a bib short in sometime…


We started taking our jerseys off in the summer on hot days and found that all the snacks, phones, tools and wallets had nowhere to go. Walton cut up an old leg warmer one day and stitched a pocket to his bib shorts, and immediately they became his go-to bibs. Heading out on a ride wearing only a base layer or just a loose t-shirt was so freeing, that we began to develop a product with Endo Customs in LA based on Walton’s customized racing bib shorts.

Pre-order them…HERE!

They’re also doing a Royal Blue Cargo Bib!

I personally think this bib will forever change the cycling apparel game. I know Giro tried this once and it didn’t really take off, but I also believe the Giro New Road stuff was just about two years too early. People just weren’t ready! I just wanna rock these with pearl snap button ups all summer!

Great work guys!!!