Is this a bait bike?


What a great idea, read about it…HERE!


This looked like a good time!

I haven’t seen anyone rock this cap better!


Image from The Radavist!

If you’d like to try, I’d suggest clicking…HERE!

No better man has ever been written about on this blog…



You are the most inspirational person that I have never met and I’d like to say thank you for that. The news of your passing has weighed heavy on my subconscious for years, and now it is a reality. Why did I never email you? Why did I not reach out? I guess I used this blog as a shield, a barrier between you just being a long-distance role model and what could have been a friendship. You’ll forever be a driving force for me behind the camera or on the bike, but most importantly you’ve taught me to not be afraid of life and that living is all that matters.

Ezra Caldwell!

Fast Boy Cycles!

Teaching Cancer to Cry!

The image above is from a great interview with Ezra at The Photographic Journal.

Bicycle Buenos Aires and feel better!


The City of Buenos Aires has been encouraging the use of bicycles to solve complex problems associated with traffic, health and pollution. A new print advertising campaign, developed at La Comunidad, encourages the use of bicycles even more by promoting the benefits that riding a bike grants to the different parts of our body.

Illustrations and text from…HERE!