These Caletti Quil stems tho!


Caletti VTM (vintage-to-modern) Quill Stem. You can finally run a modern handlebar (31.8mm clamp) on your vintage steel bike with 1″ threaded steer tube! These individually handmade, small batch, stems feature high quality steel tubing, anodized blue titanium bolt and alloy wedge. Available in 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, and 120mm lengths.



It’s a Big Weekend for Bruce Gordon Fans!

Bruce Gordon Retirement Party November 3rd, 4th, and 5th!


And if you haven’t read this interview! Get on it!

BIKERUMOR: You started in art, working on your masters at the Art Institute in Chicago. Within a few years, you were building bikes in California. What did that path look like?

BRUCE: I bought a Raleigh Grand Prix in 1970 when I dropped out of graduate school. Before that, I had Schwinn bikes. A friend of mine was living in Venice, so I moved to California.

I had a spiral bound notebook in which I wrote in pen, handwritten, a letter to Raleigh saying that I owned a Raleigh and really wanted to be a Raleigh dealer. I’m sure it’s still up at the Raleigh headquarters. It was really naive.

BIKERUMOR: “Dear Raleigh! My name is Bruce. I am twenty-four and a half years old…”

BRUCE: Exactly. “I own a Raleigh and I ride a Raleigh and it’s the best bike and I want to be a Raleigh dealer in LA somewhere.” I moved to Venice and worked for the Culver Bike Rack. It was owned by a guy who was a stuntman for the MGM Studios who did bull whips and axe throwing and whatever — this is what he did.

The bike shop he got into because his daughter had a boyfriend who wanted a bike shop. And then they broke up.

BIKERUMOR: And then he had a bike shop.

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