Go AWOL with Poler and The Radavist tomorrow!


More info…HERE!

Taliah Lempert has been doing this for sometime now…

really psyched to see this!

I’m back and videos are super easy…

so here you go!

Thanks for all of these John!

Congratulations Jordan!



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My good friend Jordan Hufnagel is getting married today in Portland. Jordan has been a part of the Northwest bicycle building craze before there was NAHBS and has been featured on this site since it’s prehistoric beginnings. If you’ve been around long enough, you probably even recognize these photos. In 2009 our friend Jesse Carmody(ALSO GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND!) was up in Portland and asked me what he should be doing. I asked if he wanted to do some work, luckily he was on his first motorcycle tour and opted not to bring any camera gear, so no real work could be done. We both decided to have a little fun, Jesse bought some disposable cameras and made his way to Jordan’s work space. The rest is history, Jordan is still the best at what ever he decides to do(with the help of James). Jesse is traveling the world, taking photos with a constant smile on his face. Both have pretty much given up bikes for motorcycles, but who can blame them? Congratulations guys, and I wish you two the best in your new beginnings(with a better half, for sure)!

Love you both!

P.S. Jordan is back from his EPIC moto tour through South America and is building bikes again!

Ramblin’ Roll Pre-order today!



Yanco and I will be doing a pre-order for 100 Ramblin Rolls, both Cordura and Waxed Canvas. Wait time is about six weeks. Pre-order will begin at 2:30 PM PST today and will be stopped after 100 Ramblin’ Rolls are sold. If this goes smoothly…we should be able to do this every 6 weeks. Thanks for all your patience over the years with these. We’re a small operation, with only Yanco sewing.