Giro New Road Women’s Loobook!

Also checkout this small snippet of what Kelli thinks about the line below.

Lingerie and Giro New Road is on my list of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas! Maybe you’re wondering why I linked to the above lingerie store in Southern California? Well…it’s because the owner of that lingerie store is in that first video, looking real stoked! But who wouldn’t be stoked, riding bikes out in the 4 Corners area?

These Sidis are so rad!


Image from…HERE!

Digitally restored Jour de Fête trailer!

Do you like images of empty roads and big sky?

If so, I’d highly suggest heading over to Prolly is not Probably and checking these photos out!

Glacier Point - Yosemite, CA

Painted Cave - Santa Barbara, CA

CA-168 - Big Pine, CA

Ryan is a customer of Golden Saddle Cyclery, riding buddy, and friend. He’s also ridden every road in California, you’ve ever talked about riding. No wonder Andy from FYXO created the hashtag #ryanwinsagain. There’s just a small sample on John’s site at the moment, if you want the real deal follow Ryan on Instagram!

Be Safe This Weekend(wear a condom)!


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