New Block Breaker Jackets at Ringtail!


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Lord! Can I Get a Lane!


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I run up a trail that climbs a steep ridge, through sage and piñon, ponderosas and aspen. About two miles in, the forested slope gives way to a small meadow, where thigh-high grass is sprinkled with lupine, penstemon and flax. I should stop and take an Instagram photo to share on Facebook and Twitter, just to make my friends and computer-bound colleagues jealous.

But I won’t, because the Strava app on my phone is recording my location, my speed and, perhaps most importantly, my performance compared to that of others who use this social network for athletes. Stopping will sabotage my effort. If I only had a GoPro camera strapped to my chest, I could capture the image of the wildflowers and keep the data flowing to the app.

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Definitely worth the read!

Pretty cool Grinduro video!

Hey Kinoko…this is so Nitto!


In the late eighties when the vast majority of Japanese component manufacturers moved production overseas, Nitto kept production in Japan.

When materials moved on and the push from teams and enthusiasts was for ever-lighter components, they investigated using carbon fibre, but decided to carry on doing what they did best rather than learning a new trick.

Nitto’s president Mr Yoshigawa, now at the helm for 40 years states: “ We made the decision to focus on quality as we knew we could not compete with Chinese made components on price. All of our staff are highly experienced, allowing us to make better goods by hand than any automated machine.”

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