Anybody recognize that Nature Boy or Space Horse?

Looking good HANA!!!

Short Alex Singer shop visit in this video…

I look forward to seeing the bike!

Why Matsuda Shikou started off building touring bikes…


“I built touring bikes because I wasn’t sure of my skill. This way if the bike broke, hopefully the client would be far away from me.”

More from the All-City Level shop visit…HERE!

Heading to NAHBS for the weekend!


See you guys when I get back!

p.s. Who remembers this image? Damn…that was a long time ago.

Love this photo…

John Watson took of my favorite Bike Shop!


Image from…HERE!

My experience with LA was largely shaped by the owners of Golden Saddle Cyclery, who have shown me places I would have never thought existed in a city that carries so many stigmas and connotations associated with that dreaded “car culture.”