Good Design in The Bike Shop: Pro Motion

In this Archive piece from Grafik 181, Max Leonard takes a tour through the surprisingly rich world of bicycle logo design, from marques invented by artisan frame-builders to branding and corporate race sponsorship. Illustrations by Andrew Edwards.


Design and cycling have a relationship characterised by extremes: the functional beauty of a classic steel road bicycle; the garish ugliness of 1980s professional Lycra kit.

In a sense, for all frame-builders, the frame is the distinguishing mark, a logo in itself. This was most true in the 1930s when British frame-builders were forbidden from placing their name on their racers’ bicycles, the rationale being that this ‘sponsorship’ would compromise the amateur sport. Some, therefore, deformed tubes in patented patterns so that the bike rushing onwards to glory would be instantly recognizable in the following week’s cycling press.

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Family portrait.



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Back from the Natchez Trace!


Lots of miles were ridden, rain was a plenty, lightning lit the night skies, church bells rang, catfish was eaten, and lots of beers were drank. If you’re looking to ride 444 miles without any directions, other than stay on the Trace, I’d highly recommend this. I’ll be talking a bit more about this on The Radavist in the near future.

Going on a bike ride!

NatchezPostcardTracko copy

If you’re interested in riding the Natchez Trace, I’d highly suggest reading the Path Less Pedaled write up on it!

Mimbres Man!

I’m always trying to find a jersey that’s not a jersey…


and a couple weeks ago Ty gifted me this jersey/shirt from Mimbres Man.

I’ll go ahead and get this over with…*WARNING* this shirt is not for everyone. It’s made of a prehistoric non-technical fabric called cotton(hand woven Guatemalan), it’s very boxy, and a bit hippy dippy. With that being said, I’d say it’s pretty perfect for me and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably dig it!

If you’re thinking about swooping I’d highly suggest sizing up. I wear a medium in almost all jerseys but have a large and it fits exactly how it should.

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