The Internets most famous chain-guard…

and the most talented man ever to live(in my opinion)!



More of this 650b Fast Boy at The Radavist!

Daniel Ezra Caldwell(Fast Boy Cycles) died at home on May 24, 2014, after six years with cancer. He was cared for by his wife Hillary and other family and friends, with the support of the hospice team from the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.

Born in 1973, Ezra grew up in Putney, Vermont. As a boy, he moved from one passion to another – juggling, acting, rock climbing, building crossbows and puppets, making constant use of his fathers’ woodworking shop. From the age of eight, he spent much of each summer in northern Vermont with the Bread and Puppet Theater, performing as the baby gorilla in their annual circus. After graduating from the Buxton School in Williamstown, MA, he lived the village of Santa Marta in El Salvador for a year during the post-conflict reconstruction, working in a woodworking shop with ex-combatants…

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Two videos I saw…

over at the Radavist, that I thought I’d share here.

Speaking English!

My Stoller!

Team Dream Bicycling Team, models and BMWs!


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** All bottles come with super model…please buy with confidence!

Welcome home Jordan!

As you probably know, Jordan has been on a pretty epic motorcycle journey from Canada to Patagonia. After a few crashes, some broken ribs, and loads of photos taken, he is back in the US!



Now get back to work! Less motorcycles, more bicycles!