Don’t try this at home kids…


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Park Raging!

Wheels For Water!


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Viva Brixton Cycles!

A bicycle shop in South London has just reopened after its customers pledged thousands of pounds to help it relocate.

1400 people donated to a crowdfunding campaign to help Brixton Cycles move from their old premises, which are part of housing redevelopment plans.

London Live visited the new location on Brixton Road.

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It’s been a while since we had time to catch up over coffee, we use to kick it almost every other day. Tijon Randall aka wrap super star been working on all my bikes for the past five years. It’s been awesome to have a friend, and professional bike mechanic I can depend on to start, finish, and tune up my rides. When you’re Never Not Riding like many of us, you want to make sure all your bikes are ready for some Cat 6 fun. Having one dedicated mechanic is important because they personally know all the ins and outs of your rides. Let’s not front, we’re all very particular with our bikes, even if it’s our bodega bike. We need it to be fast, reliable, and photogenically sexy…

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That Shimano knife tho!