If you ever wondered how to make it big…

on prime-time television? Well…look no further!


All you gotta do is purchase a Golden Saddle Cyclery cap and you’ll be a star in no time!


You can also watch Fresh Off The Boat…HERE!

Stopped in at Comrade Cycles in Chicago while I was there…

super rad shop, and filled with even radder people!


Image from…HERE!

If you head over to the Comrade Cycles website, there is even a section with links to other independent bike shops they like in the Chicagoland area!

So rad!

Anybody recognize that Nature Boy or Space Horse?

Looking good HANA!!!

Short Alex Singer shop visit in this video…

I look forward to seeing the bike!

Why Matsuda Shikou started off building touring bikes…


“I built touring bikes because I wasn’t sure of my skill. This way if the bike broke, hopefully the client would be far away from me.”

More from the All-City Level shop visit…HERE!