This is a real big place…

with very little infrastructure catering to the daily cyclist.


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So when you’re feeling small in this car-obsessed world, just remember we’re having more fun than them!

Bruce Gordon is Obsessive!

Two rad photos from Terry Barentsen!



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Four photos from Easter weekend…

that I’d like to share with you guys!





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Sustainable Business in LA: One Cup at a Time

Great Huffington Post article on Bicycle Coffee LA!


Bicycle Coffee LA at the market roasts and brews as sustainable and good a cup of coffee as can be found in LA. And at $2 a cup for a pour over, it is about half the price of a cup at many of the chain and artisanal places one finds all over LA. They also sell coffee in bulk.

Bicycle Coffee LA is the third outlet for the small business; the original is in Jack London Square in Oakland and a second store is in Tokyo.

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