The Radavist’s Guide To Austin!



Austin may be known for keeping things weird, but even in the city’s alterna-paradise there’s one person who can get the most jaded hipster to turn his head and stare—or at least, his bikes can. Welcome to the world of John Watson, aka John Prolly, aka founder of The Radavist, the source for all things bike culture and adventure related and perhaps the closest thing that the cycling world has to an internet celebrity…

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God! I love that town!

Supreme Purist Water Bottles!


I’d love to have two of these!

**EDIT** I now own two of these!



You know you’re the best when…

your customers draw these awesome thank you illustrations for you! PRIllustration

Illustration by Keys to Freeze!

We love you Porcelain Rocket!

Ready steady go!

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Kids love Golden Saddle Cyclery!