Some old photos of Joe’s Cycles in Indianapolis…


During visits to Indiana to see my parents I was always super excited to drop in and see what the guys over at Joe’s were up to. From starting a bike brand to fixed gear freestyle, these guys always had something going on. They provided plenty of coffee and good conversation to fill my time back home.


I took these photos a few years ago and when I rediscovered them recently I began to wonder about what Joe is up to these days. The store closed a couple years back but there are some signs of life on the website and elsewhere online. I’m really hoping their doors will be open again for me to drop in the next time I am back in Indiana.

Joe’s Cycles isn’t important just because of my personal connection to it though. This quaint and personal shop also put Shawn Wolf on the path that eventually landed him as owner of King Kog Brooklyn. I’d guess Shawn learned a lot from working at Joe’s because many of the great qualities I saw in that shop are now being put into practice at King Kog. I’m super proud of you Shawn… you’re killing it!

You can see a few more images from Joe’s Cycles…HERE!

And now we wait for the next CORN FED video to know what’s going on in Indy!

DKlein at Interbike.


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