Oh…this is what you were talking about!

More Chas and less everything else!


Looking for a bike messenger in Toronto…

to do me a favor! And yes…I’d be paying!


If you’re interested, please shoot me an email at trackosaurusrex at gmail dot com. If not, then checkout the all time greatest bicycles messenger photographs from Toronto…HERE!

Thanks in advance!

Inside the Red Hook Crit!

Two Fixed Gear Freestyle post in two days!

And neither have been about Tom La Marche…what the hell is going on over here?


Maybe it’s just because I love this kid so much!

The March edition of John’s 2014 calendar is live!

Track World Championships in Cali, Colombia!

You can see tons of videos on YouTube! You can also give this stuff a try!



And see more images from the Brits…HERE!