The Cheetah in Japan, racing Keirin!


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Merckx Monday: Patchworks Shorts!


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Affinity Phil Wood Deluxe Cycles Team Edition Wheel Set!

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Sean from Team Dream’s latest story on The Radavist!



Roughly 8 or maybe even 9 years ago (it’s a bit fuzzy after all these years) I started working at a bicycle shop in LA called Orange 20. The shop manager at the time Mr. Kyle Kelley aka Trackosaurus Rex hired me to work in the new larger space they had just rented. Soon after that, Ace Carreterro aka The Sleepers came on board. Ace and I were both sales associates who ended up working pretty much the same weekly schedule with Kyle. I had very little in common with the two of them…

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Alter Vinyl Chainrings!


Gramophone Record is the main theme of our new VINYL series Chainring coming out pretty soon this year. Reasons why our designer chose GR as the theme? Well, we hope that we could provide an unique piece of artwork for our fellow riders which could remind them the sweet memories from cycling and continue to produce something so special that you won’t be able to get from other brands. Every details consist of the spirit and passion from ALTER , designed and made with sincerity for riders who are in love with the fixed culture!