Merckx Monday: Merckx-like Pain!


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Dame Sarah Storey is well aware of the pain she will put herself through when she attempts the women’s Hour Record on February 28.

Storey will have to ride further than the 46.06m mark set by Leontien Zijlaard-Van Moorsel in 2003 when she hits the boards of the Lee Valley VeloPark next month.

And in an interview with the Guardian’s Donald McRae, Storey admits she expects the feel the ‘incredible pain’ that the great Eddy Merckx experienced in his 1972 record.

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Happy Birthday Kate Moss!


Checkout this rad jacket I got Kate for her birthday!

Sunday Track Training!


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Sugino 75…outboard BB…WHAT!?


So crazy!

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Haven’t seen too many…

Track Bike videos as of lately.