NACCC Zero by Cyclehawk!


The first ‘official’ North American Cycle Courier Championships was held in Montreal, 1998. The inspiration for that event and the true origin of this grand tradition was held on July 4th Weekend in New York City, 1997.

As I am (ok at this point was) traveling to Denver Colorado for the 18th Annual (right now on the A train), I am inspired to tell a little story about how I perceive this all coming to be. I started working as a bike messenger in September of 1992. I luckily survived long enough to fall in love with the job and quickly gravitated towards the extreme satisfaction of what my Los Angeles compatriots might categorize as ‘Fixie Foo’.

This is all pre cell phone and internet and as such my community at the time consisted of my brother and the yahoos we worked with at Champion Courier. We hung with messengers from other companies after work at Washington Square Park mostly in the summer and played tag on our ‘fixies’, drank mad forties and smoked tons o blunts…

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Thanks for sharing this Kevin!!!

Please Support Your Local Velodrome!

Here in Los Angeles, Encino Velodrome is looking for a little help from their friends!


As with many tracks across the country, Encino operates on a shoestring and is always teetering on the edge of solvency. Our session/race fees barely even cover the cost of turning on the lights. And now with most of the lights needing replacing, we are desperate for some donations — or there will be no night sessions this winter.


Track Bike all night…

until the early light!


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Velodrome Cup!

Super rad photo of Chas dropping in…

by Brazo de Hierro at the Velòdrom d’Horta!!!


So good!!!