Hey Nelson!


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Nelson Vails at the world premiere of the World Cycling Leagues’s Team Trak!

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Tracko TV for Affinity Cycles!

Check out Tracko TV… Kyle Kelley aka Tracko came through with this rad little edit of our boys Patrick Kos and Patrick Jones, tearing up the boards at the premiere of the World Cycling League. Thanks Kyle!

What’s the WCL? The World Cycling League’s mission is to create a new racing format they call Team Trak. With Team Trak, there’s six teams, each team consisting of 7 male and female sprinters and endurance racers. They all compete individually but for points towards an overall team win.

Pretty rad right? Support folks that support track racing!

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Video edited by The Sleepers!

Chasing Chas through San Francisco!

Track side with Affinity!

The premiere of the World Cycling League kicked off in LA recently and Affinity is proud to have had our Dutch track champion Patrick Kos and New Zealand’s Patrick Jones get the invite to race.




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I’m so glad Landlords Cycling is back!


I wonder if Porcell still has his DeMartini? Let’s put a style date stamp of 1989 on this image. Slightly baggy pants/jeans with mandatory tight roll. Messenger bags evident.