I’d ride a Track Bike from sun up to sun down…

but only if it was in Utah!

Someone is stoked!!!


Image from…HERE!

Hey ladies in the race…they’re callin’ out to ya!

Hey ladies!!!

Pop-up…look sharp!


Image from…HERE!

Ride in peace Jacobs.




Try Harder. That was Jacob Smoller’s motto. His creed. Jacob would have turned thirty a few weeks ago and passed just a few days before his birthday. He was a Boston bike messenger, frame builder, beloved member of the international messenger family, and urban cycling community at large.

Be it music, racing, building bikes or riding them, Jacob was an artist with a strong creative drive. His commitment to the cycling community even stronger. Over the past 10 years Jacob had a hand in organizing countless cycling events and races, all with the emphasis on fun and inclusion, he was happiest bringing folks together.

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