Red Hook Milano Recap!

Checkout this sick ass KHS Aero!


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I’m not sure if you knew, but…

it was Not Chas’s Birthday yesterday!


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Heading to Grinduro!


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And yes…Tom La Marche is my hand model and personal stuntman!

A. Danger and The Lion King, Cippo, Super Mario, etc!



One of a kind, custom-made, aero-tubing Cannondale Track made for the indomitable Mario Cipollini circa 1999. Serial number: “CIPOL”. Most of the “track” frames built for him used traditional round tubes and were ridden on the road in the off-season to improve pedal stroke and efficiency. Most of the round tube “track” frames still had mounts for a rear brake and water bottles. This aero track frame saw actual use on the track, since it was built without brake or water bottle mounts and it boasts sponsor decals. The frame was designed in the CAD software Pro Engineer in Bethel, CT and then the tubes were laser cut to Cipollini’s specific geometry at the Cannondale factory in Bedford, PA. The frame was then welded, heat treated, and painted in that same facility. A true piece of historic American craftsmanship and Italian racing history. Go Team Saeco!

More photos…HERE!

Thanks for sharing A. Danger!!!

Good to see this bike out in the world and not with a white backdrop, anybody remember this bikes first appearance on Tracko?