Rad Suntout Keirin Racing postcards!



I really love to get my hands on some of these!

Second Ramblin’ Roll Pre-order today!



Yanco and I will be doing another pre-order for 100 Ramblin Rolls, both Cordura and Waxed Canvas. Wait time is about six weeks. Pre-order will begin at 2:30 PM PST today and will be stopped after 100 Ramblin’ Rolls are sold. If this goes smoothly…we should be able to do this every 6 weeks. Once again, thanks for all your patience over the years with these. We’re a small operation, with only Yanco sewing.



Risks? Not for me.

DONTDO Part 2!

Thanks for sending this over Caroline!

Merckx Monday: Hour Record Edition

With Jensie breaking the Hour Record last week, figured we should take a look at how Eddy did it back in the day!


Rebour illustration from…HERE!

Drillium everything, titanium bits, and he’s god damn Eddy Merckx!