This FYXO gallery made my heart swell!



John had been talking up LA and for a long time I’d wanted to meet Kyle of Trackosaurus fame. I can still remember getting an email from him when he launched his blog in 2006 – a beautiful blue Ciocc was one of the feature bikes. Prior to FYXO, the only other websites vaguely related to fixed gear were Old Skool Track, Fixed Gear Gallery, and a thread in Bike Forums. Many ‘blogs’ have come, planned to take over the world, and gone in the same breath, and the stayers have stayed for good reason. The internet can be a bizarre playing field and I’m always excited to meet the people behind the brand, avatar or email.

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If you can’t afford a Death Spray fork…

you may want to talk to Andy Ellis!


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It’s all smoke and mirrors!

It’s a sad day for Track Cyclist in Minnesota…

Resolution to keep the NSC Velodrome open fails…


A resolution to save Minnesota’s only velodrome was rejected Thursday by the board in charge of the Blaine bicycle racing track.

During its board meeting, the National Sports Center Foundation (NSCF), which operates the velodrome and several other facilities on its sports campus, debated a plan that set financing goals for the Friends of Velodrome Racing in Minnesota, a group that has been fundraising to keep the velodrome up and running, according to a news release.


The sharply banked, Olympic-caliber racing track, built in 1990, already has survived beyond its expected 20-year life span. The outdoor 250-meter wooden track has gotten by with volunteers making minor repairs each racing season, but checks on the velodrome this year revealed more serious problems.

The preliminary cost estimate to make the temporary repairs was $75,000 and, if successful, would have kept the track racing program going for a projected four to six more years. The resolution required that a licensed contractor be engaged and that liability insurance be secured. After that period, the velodrome would have been decommissioned.

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Two smokin’ Track Bikes!



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Some Track Bike videos!