Red Bull Bay Climb with Wheel Talk!

The Velodrome cartoon is so good!


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Can anyone translate for us?

Thanks Jens!!!

Wheelie Wednesdayz with Air Jordan!!!


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The All-City Big Slice!


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Bike Check with Juliet Elliot!


After a decision to part with long term bike sponsor Charge Bikes at the end of last year, I hadn’t actually got around to deciding on what I wanted to ride at the various international fixed gear crits I intended on entering in 2017. As an ambassador for ASSOS I was unable to take up any of the offers to join fixed crit teams (as I would be unable to wear their team skinsuits) so that option went straight out the window. Despite the fact I’d love to be part of a women’s team (particularly a couple of the ones that asked me!) having complete freedom to do as I please was nice, so I began doing a little research into the track bike market.

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