This Machine Kills Left Turns Stickers!


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Thanks Marc…good luck in Spain!

We party!


Thanks for the photo Marc!

Sanso’s Dosnoventa!

Between playing drums in AGENDER, her solo act Sanso-Xtro and riding the raddest streets this country has to offer…Melissa “Sanso” Agate was keeping busy while visiting the US.

When Sanso isn’t playing music, she’s most likely riding around recruiting women for WORLD CYCLING DOMINATION! If you haven’t heard of The Itchy Movement…look it up!

It was super rad meeting you Sanso and I do hope you make it back to LA soon! Keep up the good work!



Portrait by John Watson.


You can see more images of Sanso’s Dosnoventa…HERE!

P.S. Worst bike to color correct ever!

Nice Red Hook Crit Short!

Merckx Monday!


I never saw this one!

Why does THIS remind me of something TOLA would do?