Chas for ZIPP!


Chas Christiansen’s Zipp wheels tell a story. His story. It’s a story of a cyclist who navigates urban streetscapes as a lifestyle. As a messenger, he rides for work, competition, and bragging rights – all intertwined.
Chas’ Zipp 404 Firecrest Track wheels are adorned with words and symbols, much of it in the vernacular best understood by the fixed-gear crowd. The hand-drawn art was scanned, and applied to his 404 rims using Zipp ImPress direct-print technology. Chas, a Zipp ambassador, will debut his new wheels in competition at Saturday’s Brooklyn Red Hook Crit.

“Analog in a digital world,” Chas said.

That makes sense for a guy who works as a messenger in the high-tech hub of San Francisco riding a bike built for simplicity – one gear, no brakes. Chas grew up in the Pacific Northwest with a love of BMX and just riding. In 2004 while living in Portland, Ore., he bought a cyclocross bike and was captivated watching the messengers race on track bikes.

He then moved to San Francisco to work as a bike messenger. In this line of work, more tags (deliveries) means more money. A typical day of 25 or more tags means 30 to 50 miles of riding with plenty of San Francisco hills to add to the challenge. Chas embraced the messenger culture and started racing alleycat events. He traveled to Berlin and realized that his cycling community was close-knit enough that a fellow messenger would offer him a place to stay just because Chas also was a messenger.

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Splatter paint will never go out of style…



New Affinity Black 15mm Ratcheting Wrench!


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10 Years of Red Hook the movie!

10 Years of the Red Hook Crit!


The Red Hook Crit turned 10 this year. I first did the race in 2010, Brian Vernor was also there for the first time, making a movie and shooting photos. Seven years later we were both in the media tent at the 10th edition of the race trying to take it all in while simultaneously being completely blown away by the race. A few days later I got to see his photos from that day (the one’s you see in this gallery) and the images he made just struck a cord with me. The choices he was making about what to photograph and what not to photograph made me feel like he was understanding the race in a way that was similar to mine. So I called him up to just talk about the Crit, his photos, and why he keeps coming back…

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