Jasper Clarke Keirin Photos!




Jasper Clarke, a photographer and self-confessed “bike nut”, cut his teeth BMX’ing in the 1980s and has since chased everything on two wheels. Having read about Japan’s Keirin racing in various cycling magazines, and seen ex-racing bikes imported to the UK, Jasper came across a video of cyclist Shane Perkins taking part in a Keirin season, and with plans to visit Japan himself, took the film as the hook for the project he went on to shoot.

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Polo and Bike at RHC Milano!

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The Hour!

The Hour Record. The purest test of a rider and machine, the hardest ride of them all.

The story of The Hour is one of drama and intrigue disproportionate to the simplicity of the challenge. From the great Eddy Merckx’s shattering of the record in 1972 to Bradley Wiggins’s awesome fusion of fitness and technology in 2015. This series of prints illustrates the great and sometimes controversial record-breaking rides that defined their eras.

The Hour strips aside every outside influence on the rider. One rider, on the track. No wind, no hills, no drafting. Just the rider and the bike.

The man-machine.

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Seoul 1988!


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