DWR Tour of California viewing party!

It’s interesting that Cannibal NYC is catering, that’s a long way to travel, just to cater this event. Saves me a trip!


In the city!


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Afghan Women, Eager to Play, Are Relegated to the Sidelines.


While all women’s sports here are suffering, none have failed quite as spectacularly as the women’s national cycling team. Celebrated in documentaries, and the subject of a 2014 book and a blizzard of news articles, the team was recently nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize — thanks to the tireless promotion of its benefactor, Shannon Galpin, who financed the team through her Colorado-based charity, Mountain to Mountain.

However, Ms. Galpin announced on her web page last month that she would no longer support the Afghan Cycling Federation because of what she described as “out of control” corruption by the team’s longtime coach and the head of the federation, Haji Abdul Sediq Seddiqi.

Ms. Galpin was upset that sponsors’ gifts, including more than 40 bicycles and other racing gear, valued at more than $100,000, were stolen after being handed over by her organization to the team and Mr. Seddiqi.

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Merckx Monday: This man designed the Eddy Merckx logo!

Probably the most replicated/mashed logo in cycling history, next to Campagnolo!


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Anybody had the pleasure of meeting this living legend?

Fuck Yeah Chris King!

Best color Chris King has done to date and the most I have ever spent on a headset!


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