Merckx Monday: 1967 Eddie Merckx Lookbook


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Rapha Mondial!


Anyone addicted to road cycling knows the sport is about much more than fitness and gear. For road riders, the sport lies at the heart of their identity and is the lens through which they view the world. The past decade has seen an explosion in cycling media, both online and in print. Rapha believes it is time for the sport to show renewed ambition. Mondial expands the idea of what road cycling is and what the sport can be. Featuring incisive longform writing and stunning photography, in Mondial you will find familiar cycling topics given a fresh new treatment, while a cycling viewpoint is brought to wider cultural subjects, thus broadening the sport’s reference points.



I’m back from Utah and I had a blast!


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Hopefully things get back to normal around these parts tomorrow!

Some great stills by Kyle RM Johnson…

from the Strava film awhile back.



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I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Golden Saddle Cyclery Redux kit look so good!



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Remember to eat and drink lots this weekend!