Merckx Monday: Merckx Mod Sticky!!!


Full Maple.

World Champion Cycling Stripes.

Named after Eddie Merckx one of the biggest bosses in the history of cycling.

Bike Logo on top of big cup!


Nico sweating his way up the most difficult climb…

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.08.43 PM

Watch Nico climb a Track Bike up the infamous Onion Valley climb…HERE!

And does anyone know of anyone else who’s conquered this climb on a Track Bike, or even better, has anyone gone down? That may not even be possible.

Wheelie Wednesdayz with Team Dream!

Took this portrait of Lorino while visiting…

La Bicicletta in Paris!


Image from…HERE!

I’m really excited to see what Rivendell…

customers have in store for this new bike!!!



More info…HERE!