The cop and the courier…


Riding a bike in Seattle hasn’t been quite the same since Glen Mulkey started as a motorcycle patrol officer.

After transferring from a Seattle Police Department SWAT team to a traffic detail downtown in 2006, Mulkey began his, uh, complicated relationship with the city’s cycling community. In just four days on the job — this was in July 2006 — he ticketed 37 riders. That’s more bike citations than most traffic cops write in a whole year.

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Selfie at my second favorite bike shop!


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Topanga Creek Bicycle!

But these rose colored glasses…

That I’m looking through, show only the beauty, cause they hide all the truth.


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Handmade in Italy with Zeiss lenses!

F@%K Yeah King Kog!


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But the real question is, when does this kit come out King Kog!

Mermaids like bikes too!

This image is pretty damned awesome!


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