Terasu on Donhou.




Quitting his job marked the beginning of a seminal trip and the return of the bicycle as the focal point of his life. He set out for Singapore from London by bicycle, knowing nothing but where he hoped to end up.

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Happy New Year!


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May your 2016 look like this!

Here comes 2016…

and I’m out for a few days!


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So take some time and have a look around Sage’s site for the time being!

Zio Ziegler for Baum!



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I started following Zio Ziegler on Instagram because of Antonio Colombo a few months back, and I am just blown away by what Zio is doing on the daily!

But this…so good!

RIP Lemmy!


I’m so very happy that Stinner made this Motörhead themed bike once upon a time! Now does anyone have pictures of this bike built up? Looks like I’ll be dedicating my next Stinner to Hawkwind!