Jens Voigt is the new Hour Record holder!

He is mother fucking Jens Voigt!


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Were you watching? Did you hear the soundtrack to monumentus occasion?

Kick out the jams…HERE!



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Blackburn Tall Boy Cage!


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The boys from Blackburn were down here awhile back and gave me a sneak peek at this new Tall Boy cage. They made me promise I wouldn’t show anyone, but I hear this thing was at Interbike. If that is true and I believe it is, I figure it’s OK to let the cat out the bag. Between these and the Looney Bin, the cycling industry has finally fulfilled the cyclist’s casual drinking dream!

The things you find…

at an old bike shop.



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Bicycle of Ojai is probably one of my favorite shops to visit in California. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it. There are hidden treasures and pirate’s booty stashed all over this rare gem of a bike shop.

6 things I was digging at Interbike!


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