Anna Meares for Santini!


For the start of the 2016 Fixed Crit season we met up with two of the top riders on the circuit Americans Ash Duban and Sammi Runnels to try out some pieces from the Anna Meares x Santini collection. The Anna Meares Signature series is a collection designed in conjunction with the 11 time UCI Track World Champion from Team Australia and is available as part of our 2016 collection.

The 2014 Red Hook Crit Milano Champion Ash Duban said: “Anna Meares is a legend, I once met her in person at the velodrome in Sydney and it’s an honor to be part of this project. Her clothing is amazing.” Sammi Runnels, who races in the UCI cyclo-cross circuit as well in fixed criteriums had an impressive season in 2015 and is one of the favorites for the 2016 Red Hook Crit Series.


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Erykah Badu and the Black Bikes Matter movement!


As a performance artist, Badu has created work that makes people feel uncomfortable, which is intentional. “Usually an uncomfortable position causes you to move.” Whether the viewer moves one way or another is not of concern, just the act in itself. “The purpose of art is to create dialogue. It doesn’t matter what kind. If it inspires someone to do a piece, if it makes someone angry, if it creates some kind of movement. You know it doesn’t matter to me, people can feel however they want to feel but no one has the right to censor art or what someone deems art and I just hope that it creates some type of dialogue”.

In regards to her piece, Badu strives to continue the dialogue that has been created by the BLM movement. Where that dialogue goes is up to those who have it. “I’m an observer and what I observe is there’s a balance to everything and at some point the wobble has to be balanced…I don’t know if it will happen any time soon [but] I like for things to happen as they should, however they pan out”

Regardless of where conversations goes, you can be sure that “uncomfortable” work of Badu will keep it going.

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This 3rensho Saddle is Fire!


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If it’s Track…don’t buy crap!



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Break Away with Trackonolo!