I love National Donut Day!


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Holy Cow! Best Tall Bike Photo Ever!


My buddy Spencer recently did the Oregon Outback on a Tall Bike and it looks like he partied pretty hard!

This is such a rad video Seabase!

“I really don’t know how I made it,” an exhausted Patrick Seabase said as he got off his bicycle in Bayonne, France, at the end of his #1910Seabase challenge. What he knows, even 15 hours and 52 minutes after the start, are the figures: 192 miles and more than 24,970 feet of climbing (according to Yellowbrick) on a fixed-gear bike.

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I can’t wait to see the whole video!

Heading up north to ride some dirty roads…


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Have a great weekend!

It’s Checkout time!


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