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Our favorite bloke Kjeld is in NYC being a tourist at the moment. Looks like he’s done two things right so far, ate at Cannibal NYC and took this amazing photo at the Red Hook Crit!

While his postcard didn’t really say anything, I’m looking forward to all the mental tales of bikes and booze when Kjeld returns home!

Cristian Zuniga at Red Hook Crit!


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Hopefully it’s this kind of weekend!


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The Essential Guide to the Red Hook Crit 2014:

By David Trimble for Bike Blog NYC!


In 2008, I organized the first ever Red Hook Crit to celebrate my 26th birthday. As someone who came up with one foot in traditional road bike racing and the other in unsanctioned urban alleycat races, I wanted to create a competition that would combine the physical intensity of road races with the amazing rivalries and spirit from the urban cycling scene. Despite the modest turnout at that first RHC event in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the atmosphere was intense and the race was a memorable one, with Kacey Manderfield pulling ahead to victory in a tight sprint against her male rivals.

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I’m super excited about the women’s race!