The Secret Life of a Cycle Courier!


When I became a bicycle courier I found that I loved cycling for a living. I loved the exhilaration of pedalling quickly through the city, flowing between stationary cars and weaving through the lines of moving traffic. I loved the mindlessness of the job, the absolute focus on the body in movement, the absence of office politics and cubicle-induced anxiety. I loved the blissful, annihilating exhaustion at the end of a day’s work, the dead sleep haunted only by memories of the bicycle. Hypnagogic jerks, those juddery twitches that occur on the edges of sleep, were smoothed out into circular pedal-strokes of the legs. Most of all, I loved learning what London taxi drivers call the Knowledge: the litany of street names and business addresses that constitutes a particular map of the city, parallel to that contained within the A–Z street atlas but written on the brain, read by leg and eye.

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Merckx Monday!


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Anybody know where this image is from? I saw it on Milano Fixed!

Just fixed wheel photographs…

Photo; Wojciech Artyniew. 2015

KS SPOLEM, Lodz. Photo; Wojciech Artyniew. 2015

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No nothing…


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except Track Bikes!

The Focus of Red Hook!



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This will most likely be my favorite photo essay from RHC!