Tytanium GSC Patch found in Angeles Forest!

The other day Ty was out on a MTB ride and left one of his new patches in the Angels Forest Back Country!


Image from…HERE!

Looks like Adam K Masters(Male Model) found the patch and took this rad photo!

Disk wheel light box!


Image from…HERE!

Start them early!


Image from…HERE!

Born into both the Golden Saddle Cyclery Wheelie Fun Crew and the Cadence Suffer Club!

Hammer and Cycle!


Anybody know where this images is from?

Loving the rad gradient the bokeh is creating behind the bike!



More images of this beast…HERE!

This Fausto Coppi Gion was made by Giovanni Pelizzoli in 1994, when he worked at the Fausto Coppi workshop for the Ukranian Olympic team.

Thanks Arthur!