Have fun this weekend!

I call this one “The Struggle!”


And don’t forget to shop local this weekend…


Got some new stuff…got some old stuff…





I want an Allen Key Ring!


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Anyone in Japan wanna send me one of these?

It’s less about the build and more about the paint…

and that’s why this is a non-drive-side photo!


Photo by Caroline Pauleau!

Ben Eine for Stanridge Speed!

If the name Caroline Pauleau sounds familiar, it’s because you saw this video! And if you’d like to keep seeing these videos…I’d highly suggest heading over HERE and giving the Don’t Do Crew a boost. I know I want the videos to keep coming, can’t wait to see what they come up with for last weekends races!

A damp spin through Brooklyn…


If you looked up through the heavy rain Saturday in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, you could just make out the silhouettes of its industrial landscape: warehouses, dock cranes, factory chimneys, even the barely discernible Statue of Liberty. If you looked left or right between umbrellas, you could see beards, tattoos, cow bells and colorful caps with inadequate brims. If you looked down, you could see drops of blood in some rain puddles. And if you blinked, well, you would have missed the point: ridiculously fast, brakeless, fixed-gear bike racing.

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Joshua Bright slayed this photos-set, I’d definitely take a look!