Some great photos of the Track World Cup…

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Jake Stangel on Cycling.


1. How does the rhythm of cycling compare to the rhythm of shooting?

Long shoot days are a lot like long days in the saddle. I always feel like epic rides can get broken down into multiple phases. You start out the gate fresh and little overexcited, you settle into a rhythm, and then there’s usually some point halfway or two thirds of the way into a long ride where you start to lag but need to keep riding, otherwise you won’t make it home. This is often the point where I need to dig deepest and give the most effort, and find some second or third wind.

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These PEdalED shorts are so great!

Here are my two favorite ones!

Because I love the city and country!

All-City Fully Loaded Video!

Last summer Liz and I were asked to take part in a All-City Cycles video up in the Tahoe area. We’d just gotten done riding a part of the Continetal Divide Route, so we were kind of spent. Jeff assured me it would be chill, mostly pavement, not much elevation, etc. Guess what…he lied! A chill bike tour turned into some very hard days on the bike, and I’d only brought sandals! I didn’t even bring a helmet! Luckily each day ended with even harder partying! One night we even got to soak in some hot springs owned by a cult, blanketed by the Milky Way, being dive bombed by a bat! That’s what I’ll leave you with for now, if you haven’t seen the video, I’d highly suggest it! I have some pictures and words going up on The Radavist in the future to better explain this crazy video by Brendan Lauer and Saisha Harris !!! And if you were wondering…that is most definitely SK rapping in the video! The song is “3 Dayz Off” and it was produced by Ethan Houser, with backup vocals by Brendan Lauer!

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Great Britain’s Flickr has some stuff…


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