Bunyan Velo 06!!!




Yes, I’m excited about the sixth installment of Bunyan Velo, but what I’m most excited about is this Nebraska article! There’s great riding everywhere, and some the best riding is in some of the least expected places. I really look forward to the day I can get out to Nebraska, get some riding done and hangout with the Monkey Wrench Cycles boys!

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In the city!


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Never not riding Jah bike!


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Life in 200 Square Feet!


He’s charismatic, friendly, and cool. Anyone entering the Rapha Cycle Club in San Francisco, where Mark works as the lead Visual Merchandiser, will tell you the same. But what most people don’t know about Mark is that he lives in a 200-square foot home he built himself.

Mark and his creation are part of a growing “tiny home” movement, a group of people that live in structures between 100 and 400- square feet. Pretty small, considering the average American home is 2,600 square feet, according to “The Tiny Life.”

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Merckx Monday: This man designed the Eddy Merckx logo!

Probably the most replicated/mashed logo in cycling history, next to Campagnolo!


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Anybody had the pleasure of meeting this living legend?