Heading to Scotland for Grinduro!


Image from…HERE!


Image from…HERE!

And then heading to France to meet up with Team Dream Bicycling Team, Ace Boogie, and Mavic to watch the end of the Tour De France! I’ll get back to Tracko when I return!!!

Peter Sutherland is over Track Bikes!


There’s a video too!!!

Alex Ostroy seems like a pretty rad dude!




Anybody know anything about him? Looks like he just had a show at the RCC New York.

Here is a link to his Tumblr!

And checkout this awesome poster he did!!!

Merckx Monday with The Bicycle Business in Sacramento!



More images…HERE!

And definitely stop by The Bicycle Business if you’re in Sacramento!

Bibendum the restaurant?


London design and letterpress studio The Counter Press has rebranded Terence Conran and Paul Hamlyn’s restaurant Bibendum, with an identity designed to emulate and emphasise its surrounding architecture.

Since 1987 the restaurant has inhabited a landmark of London’s Chelsea, the art nouveau Michelin House designed by François Espinasse in 1911. Inspired by the structure’s decorative features, such as its mosaics, ironwork, tiles and stained glass windows, The Counter Press revamped Bibendum’s visual identity to become an “extension of, and complement to, the building”.