Andy Warhol and Mos Def!



My two favorite Hybrids from John’s show!

On the corner with Marc Marino!


Just press play while you’re viewing Tracko today!

Renegades of Klunk!

Academia meets Klunkerz!


The Grateful Dead piece seemed a little forced, but I’m ok with that!

Who saw this article on Wiggo and the music that inspires him?

The first album I ever loved was The Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead. The opening seconds of the opening track, I fell in love with it. I was probably about ten years old, and it was a good few years after it had been released, I think I got it from a car boot on vinyl. I don’t think they’ve ever been able to exist individually, none of them have been as good as they were together. Morrissey’s lyrics, Marr’s guitar, Rourkey, that’s why they were the best band in the world…

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100 Hoopties interpretation…

of Milton Glaser’s Dylan poster!

DylanGlaser100Hoopties copy

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