Happy Holladays!

Thanks for being so rad…see you guys in 2014!



From Tracko and Golden Saddle Cyclery!

The San Diego Velodrome Swap Meet is a sight to see!

It’s like when you were young, lying in bed…wide awake, knowing that Santa would leave something underneath the tree that would make you the happiest youngster in the world.

The energy, the nostalgia, the deals, etc. There is something so special about these events, I doubt you could ever capture it on video. But don’t say we didn’t try!

There are hundreds of Bicycle Swap Meets through out the world every year. These are not easy events to organize, nor are they cheap. So…I just wanted to say thank you to all the people keeping this tradition alive.

Did you know that Shinehead rode a Track Bike!

And that he does a mean cover of Micheal Jackson’s Billy Jean!


Image from…HERE!

Nice find Jeff!

How’d I miss An African Bike Race?

What a great watch but an even better listen.

What to do in Austin, TX?


I’ve been riding bikes and eating barbecue! Thanks for the loaner All-City!