Tracko Splinter Camo Vest: Everybody dance with me!

The Pre-sale ends on the 30th!

Figured since GORE gave up on making camouflage outerwear for cycling…we’d give it a go!


Limited Deadition Wheels.


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Thanks for sharing Josh and thanks for the Golden Saddle Psychlery tip!

You know what to do…

it’s like watching The Wizard of Oz and listening to The Darkside of the Moon.

Once the race has ended…keep listening to The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators and enjoy the rest of your day!



Aaron Edge by Brenton Salo.

Recently, Aaron began feeling tingling and numbness in his hands and feet. He blew it off after thinking it was just fatigue from a long bike ride or run. But it got progressively worse….and worse. He went to the doctor and after a battery of tests he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on March 6th of 2013. Aaron became absolutely crushed and went from being the healthiest person (of his age) whom he knew, to the unhealthiest person (of ANY age) that he knew. Life was on hold. He became seriously depressed and with many dark thoughts; he shut out friends and family, even his wife at times. Aaron became unproductive, not creative, unable to work, in severe pain both physically and emotionally.

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When Life Deals you a Bad Hand.

God Save The Track Bike and…

acts of kindness, like this one!


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Got a package from Pearl Velo, Berkeley Supply, and Avery County Cycles the other day and it was full of awesome shit, but this Track End really takes the cake! Thanks so much Josh!