Baroques: Bicycle

Eddy Twerckx!

Thank you Med Wachter and NY Cyclique!

You two have officially made my day, sometimes you just can’t wait till Monday!

Merckx Monday: Tinted windows covered in steam…

floorboard piled up with t-shirts and jeans.



Happy Cranksgiving!

Here’s a short video about Cranksgiving in Los Angeles! The Los Angeles Cranksgiving is the second oldest Cranksgiving in the United States, next to New York. This year was the 15th year the U-Lock Mob has thrown the race and like all previous years the food collected during the race was donated to Para Los Ninos.

Thank you, U-lock Mob and everyone else who helped put on this year’s race and everyone who has participated in the previous Cranksgivings.

I’d also like to thank Ace for putting together this great video, and Para Los Ninos for always being so welcoming and allowing all of us crazies to crash their parking lot every year!

Now go ride your bike together, eat together, and be thankful together! I’ll see everyone next week.

KRAS: Yes that’s right, road bikes are dead!