This has nothing to do with bikes…

but it is something I care very deeply about and there’s a Brooklyn cycling cap at 9 minutes and 25 seconds!

Happy Birthday John!


Image from…HERE!

Her’s to another year of being a Radavist!

Modern Lovers X Grinduro!

It’s a modern world!

Thanks for playing NAHBS this year Jonathan and thank you Giro for thinking up this rad idea!


Strangers Snownago!


Image from…HERE!

Looks like Strangers Racing is doing a kit too!

This picture reminds me of that song I’M IN LOVE WIT DA COCO! BAKING SODA BAKING SODA!

Putting the humble in Humble Frameworks!


Shot some photos and a wrote little piece on Humble Frameworks for the Radavist!

A lot of people asked me why I was flying into Chicago for NAHBS this year when the show was another 5 hours away in Louisville, KY. Well… the answer was easy for me. I wanted to get the party started up north and keep it going all the way down south. There were friends to see, hot dogs and pizza to eat, bike shops to visit and dogs to be walked (my dog lives in Chicago). And last but not least I wanted to spend time driving down Interstate-65 through my home state of Indiana with Michael Catano from Humble Frameworks.

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