Griduro was a full on RAGER!!!

It feels good to be back home, and sooner than later Amanda and I will process our thoughts on how awesome that ride was and we’ll share them with you on The Radavist!


But in the meantime, check out John’s write up on the event…HERE!

There are few really rad tandem shots!

Brendan Lauer: The man behind the two amazing videos below…


Image from…HERE!

Follow him on Instagram and checkout more of his videos!

This image was shot during the filming of the All-City Cyclocross video last year at Saddle Drive!

Town and Country with All-City!

Fuck Yeah Charles Bradley!

Ben Weaver: Surrounding Water

Checkout everything Ben Weaver…HERE!

The Mountain may get’em but the Law never will!


Swoop the Bike Jerks Waylon Tee…HERE!

DAMN! That’s a good t-shirt!