Should I stay or should I go now?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. With Golden Saddle Cyclery taking up the majority of my time, I just don’t know if I can justify keeping up with Tracko. Is it time to let it go? I’m not even sure who still follows along here, but would love to hear your thoughts.

Ayesha McGowan for Outside Magazine!

You can’t share the video, so I borrowed this image from Josh Cohen!

At the start of nearly every road bike race she enters, Ayesha McGowan is the only black person in the field. While she’s acutely aware of this fact, it’s not what she’s focused on—at least not in that moment. All she’s concentrating on is one thing: racing.

At 31 years old, the Berklee College of Music–trained violinist is the first and only African American woman to achieve a Category 2 (one of the highest levels) ranking in semi professional road racing, and she plans to pedal her way into becoming the first black female pro rider in a sport long known for its whiteness.

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Loving the violin parts!!!