This looks amazing Kym!!! Hi Juliet!!!

Wheelie Wednesdayz with Team Dream!

Centennial Edition Pegoretti SuperPista Ultimates!!!


Dario Pegoretti is an Italian bicycle framebuilder who is widely considered to be one of the greatest steel framebuilders in the world today. An apprentice under master builder Luigino Milani, he has also often credited with pioneering lugless and TIG welded frames.

Aside from his mastery of framebuilding, Dario is a remarkable artist and often hand paints his frames using custom designs that he creates himself. He’s built and painted bikes for some of the sport’s greatest athletes and his frames and anything he paints are sought after by collectors around the world.


Yo Zoe, where my Killer kit at!

How you ain’t got my shit when I let you hold it, man?



Get your Killer Kit…HERE!

My kind of Wednesday!