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In theory, we all make things everyday. But think about the last time you truly made something – with your mind, with your hands, with your heart. Maybe you cooked dinner from scratch, designed your own garden, built a table, or fashioned a piece of jewelry. You created something, whether for yourself or someone else. Maybe it was your own idea, or perhaps you borrowed bits and pieces from others. Either way, you put it out there, a tangible piece of your efforts, and it felt fantastic.

Dustin Klein and Ellie Lum are professional makers and are lucky enough to experience this feeling each day through their various artistic expressions. Dustin is the founder of Cadence lifestyle cycling apparel and has a fine art practice, using mediums of design, painting, and tattooing. Ellie is the founding partner of RE Load Bags and specializes in the craft of sewing and teaching skill-building workshops. Together they created Klum House, a space where they live and work. As skilled makers, they make all the things they need or want, and offer many of their goods and wares for sale. Simply put, it’s seriously cool.

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Keep on truckin’ you two!

Two damn good bicycle related logos!


Sparrow Cycling Couriers and Chicago Cargo!

Why cycling works in Tokyo!

The GSC “We’ll Flip Ya!” Cap is now available online!




I found what I was looking for…




It’s been a while since we had time to catch up over coffee, we use to kick it almost every other day. Tijon Randall aka wrap super star been working on all my bikes for the past five years. It’s been awesome to have a friend, and professional bike mechanic I can depend on to start, finish, and tune up my rides. When you’re Never Not Riding like many of us, you want to make sure all your bikes are ready for some Cat 6 fun. Having one dedicated mechanic is important because they personally know all the ins and outs of your rides. Let’s not front, we’re all very particular with our bikes, even if it’s our bodega bike. We need it to be fast, reliable, and photogenically sexy…

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That Shimano knife tho!