RE Loaded!

Bikes VS Cars this Friday in Los Angeles!

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Bikes vs Cars depicts a global crisis that we all deep down know we need to talk about: climate, earth’s resources, cities where the entire surface is consumed by the car, an ever-growing, dirty, noisy traffic chaos. The bike is a great tool for change, but the powerful interests who gain from the private car invest billions each year in lobbying and advertising to protect their business. In the film we meet activists and thinkers who are fighting for better cities, who refuse to stop riding despite the increasing number of people killed in traffic.

Bike Love Begin!


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Speaking of Mr. Phinney!


We are proud to announce the auction of our SILCA SuperPista Floor pump hand painted by world champion cyclist Taylor Phinney. This pump was unveiled at the UCI World Championships in Richmond this year, and all proceeds from the auction will go directly to the Davis Phinney Foundation.

The SuperPista pump sets the benchmark for inflation, backed with a 25 year warranty and made here in the USA.


Loving this Silca!

I’m thankful that Missy Giove…

was my role-model growing up!