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This is one of my favorite stretches of road in Griffith Park!

Merckx Monday: Damian King


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Here’s a rad Eddy Merckx illustration Damian King did for the Pedal Pusher Club!

Another cult classic?

North Central Cyclery’s Spring Bundle is looking fresh!


We’re working with a company called Podiumwear to offer a limited edition NCC Spring Bundle. Podiumwear has some deep history in custom activewear coming from a line of Nordic Ski clothing worn by multiple Olympians. They know cold. They know sweat. And it’s all made in Minnesota.

They helped us design a simple kit with some of our NCC style.

We’re offering a mid-weight long-sleeve jersey, a stout wind vest with a nice tall collar, and a custom NCC print neck gaiter. I don’t know about you, but I’m over the moon about that gaiter.

More info…HERE!

I believe tomorrow is the last day to pre-order the bundle, so if you’re interested I’d hop to it!

This is the only photo that matters…

from Stupor Bowl 18!


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