David from Golden Saddle Cyclery is a Shredder!


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Geoff McFetridge and Cody Hudson…

made Rock Shox sticker packs in 2011!?!


More on this and the other artist involved…HERE!

Bring back the these sticker packs Rock Shox!

Get a rad stem and help Charlie Cunningham!


This is our version of the Limp dick stem which was designed by Charlie Cunningham. This steam is designed to get your bar as high as snoop dog, with that in mind our stems are going to ship with one 25mm spacer and one 50mm spacer, which if used will blend in cleanly with the stem. Although I have my doubts that many people will need to use a spacer with this stem design.

Chrome only for this round.

1 1/8 threadless.

Fits a 31.8 bar.

All profits from this stem are going to Charlie’s fundraiser.

Pre-order at Crust Bike!

In the studio with Caren Hartley!

I love it when Mondays feel like this…


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Thank you world!