Last week to Pre-order the Bike Jerks Superfriends Team Kit!

I was lucky enough to take some of the photos for this launch, and couldn’t be happier with the images.





Pre-order the jersey…HERE!

And Pre-order the bib…HERE!

There is so much backstory to this kit, definitely too much for this busy morning. But the one thing I will say, is that this kit is my spirit animal!

You can also read a little bit about the kit at Bike Jerks!

Heading up to Northern California for the week!


Image from…HERE!

See you guys next week!

Ritchey Heritage Paint!

In honor of our respect for the painted frame, we tapped the man who Tom first trusted to pay the same careful attention to painting as Tom did brazing. For over 30 years, Rick Stefani has been our go to for any paint project, show special or one off frame. Now you can have a Ritchey hand painted by the very man himself, in one of four paint schemes that harken back to the early days of Ritchey bikes. We are proud to offer to you our Heritage Paint option for any steel frameset of your choice, provided by Rick Stefani of D&D cycles.



Heading out with TCB for a bit!


Everyone is invited! Just bring some food, water, bike, and meet us at Bandito Campground at any point today!