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Me and my TDBT Bartman Tee are heading to Utah for a few days, see you guys when we get back.

Some great stills by Kyle RM Johnson…

from the Strava film awhile back.



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I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Golden Saddle Cyclery Redux kit look so good!



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Remember to eat and drink lots this weekend!

The cop and the courier…


Riding a bike in Seattle hasn’t been quite the same since Glen Mulkey started as a motorcycle patrol officer.

After transferring from a Seattle Police Department SWAT team to a traffic detail downtown in 2006, Mulkey began his, uh, complicated relationship with the city’s cycling community. In just four days on the job — this was in July 2006 — he ticketed 37 riders. That’s more bike citations than most traffic cops write in a whole year.

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This, but on a Track Bike!