Vans Vault and Brooks England!



How is the motif applied to the shoes and saddle, is it the same or a different process?

The Swift motif on the saddle and the sneakers are applied slightly different. The saddle motif is applied with a moulded emboss plate, which is a very unique process. For the sneakers, we chose to utilize laser etching to maintain the detailed design work and craftsmanship.

Do you work alone or with a team of designers?

At Vans we consider our team to be a family and are constantly gaining inspiration from one another. However, since our Vault by Vans collections are very specific, I generally spearhead a project and work closely with our collaborator.

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GORE Camo Cycling Suit!


I just had too! It’s so Hip-Hop!

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Austin Horse getting down for the DAPL Protest!!!

This is a pretty damn good idea!

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The Man Who Perfected the Water Bottle Cage!




Just outside of downtown Durango, Colorado lies the workshop of a mad genius named Ron Andrews. Andrews isn’t a genius in the traditional sense — no Einstein or Edison. No, Andrews’s genius comes in the form of perfecting an oft-overlooked piece of the bicycle: the water bottle cage.

Most water bottle cages are made from stainless steel, or plastic, or even carbon fiber. Until Ron Andrews made it so, water bottle cages were never made from titanium.

Titanium is notoriously difficult to weld and work with. It’s also more expensive than steel. While steel tubing runs roughly $0.70 per foot, Andrews pays anywhere from $1 to $5 per foot. That’s why, although it’s a great material, there aren’t too many quality titanium bike makers in the US — and no titanium bottle cage makers beyond Andrews.

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