A Brooks and Levi’s Cambium up close!

DAMN! I really want one of these!



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These are only available through the Levi’s Commuter Workspaces and I don’t think it’s as easy as you go in and buy one. I’m pretty sure there is a certain process you must go through to try and score one of these amazing saddles. So, if you’re in LA, swing through the Levi’s Commuter Workspace in downtown and figure out how to actually score one of these.

Brooks is killing it with these Cambiums! Denim and ALL BLACK are definitely on my wish list!

Someone once told me…

that White Mountain was the highest mountain in North America that you could ride your bike to the summit via a truck trail. I don’t know if this is true, but it always intrigued me. So I decided to do it and it was AMAZING!


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Hopefully have some more photos and some words on The Radavist shortly!

Who knows Fuzzy…

from Bicycle Revolutions in Philly?


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If you don’t…get on it! He’s pretty much the best!

What happened Tom?

You used to have the best style! Not saying that the green pants and black shirt is bad, but this is where it is at!


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And does anyone know what this is from?

This is hilarious!