SDR Traveller Bike Bags!



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And they also do a Tool Roll!

Verge Fill Flash!


I’m really not sure what this photo is all about or selling(if anything) but I’m intrigued…saw it over at Milano Fixed. Anybody know anything about it?

Please Red Bull…build both of these!



Does anybody know where these illustrations came from, because I sure don’t?

A mother of three and still breaking world speed records!


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Cyclist Denise Mueller became the fastest woman cyclist on the planet Monday, September 12, when she hit 147.7mph on a non-motorized bicycle while riding over Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats.

Mueller, a 15-time national champion and current master’s national criterium champion, went into her record attempt (“Project Speed”) aiming to “beat the boys” and better the 1985 record of 152.2mph set by her coach, three-time Olympian John Howard. However, she set the women’s record merely by attempting the ride—no other woman has ever tried.

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SIGMA wants a piece of that cine lens pie!

Don’t forget about Zeiss though!