Two living legends…who I <3 very much!


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We have Bailey from Comrade Cycles in Chicago, and my personal favorite Instagram Super Star J. Bené Romanceür!!!

Rad little bike shop in Bayfield, WI!


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I too just ride “a bicycle”!

One lifetime of bicycle touring right here!

Common Core with Zio Ziegler over at Bike Mag!


For artist Zio Ziegler, brushstrokes and pedal strokes are means to the same end…

Unexpected. The word invariably springs to mind when approaching the studio of celebrated artist, Zio Ziegler.

Taking on the unassuming front of a gracefully aging single-family home in the hills of Mill Valley, California, it’s a scene that would be far from out of place in any of America’s mountain towns. Four-wheel-drive vehicles crowd the driveway; roof racks and camper shells abound. Inside, a sea of bikes greets visitors.

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