The one and only Flying Johnnie Davis!


Photo by Jason Rivera!

This photo is so good!!!

What you know about J.Pows’ Snapchat!


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Kanye West for Rapha!


More info…HERE!

The inventors of SWAG!

Bunyan Velo 06!!!




Yes, I’m excited about the sixth installment of Bunyan Velo, but what I’m most excited about is this Nebraska article! There’s great riding everywhere, and some the best riding is in some of the least expected places. I really look forward to the day I can get out to Nebraska, get some riding done and hangout with the Monkey Wrench Cycles boys!

Checkout this Nebraska article and the rest of Bunyan Velo 06…HERE!

DWR Tour of California viewing party!

It’s interesting that Cannibal NYC is catering, that’s a long way to travel, just to cater this event. Saves me a trip!