Expose Yourself to Cycling!

This new Cicli Devoltion longsleeve is the tits!



The old Cicli Devotion studio is still one of my favorite shop visits!

Never not seeing trails…


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Track bikes, good eats, and Zeiss lenses…


Cycling caps hip or hideous?


A recent New York Times article described a Moschino men’s fashion show where models hit the runway wearing $450 cycle caps.

The story went on to discuss the rising popularity of cycle caps amongst Brooklyn’s hipsters as a form of street wear, even if they don’t own a bike, concluding that their beauty lies in their ugliness.

This attribute is generally beyond dispute, lending wearers a certain Pee-Wee Herman goofiness. However the caps (never hats) certainly weren’t a fashion statement when they first appeared on cyclists’ heads in the early 20th century…

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If they’re good enough for Wesley Snipes…they are good enough for me!

More on the China Creek Velodrome!