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Save the South Chicago Velodrome!


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The other day I stopped by the Chicago Velo Campus to snap a photo or two on my way to NAHBS. It’s the middle of winter in Chicago and the velodrome was covered in snow, but I’d say I got a pretty rad photo. On the way down from Chicago to Louisville, Micheal from Humble Frameworks gave me the run down on what was happening with this South Chicago Velodrome and I figured I better share here. Hopefully a few other sites can pass this info around as well.

p.s. Hey! Marcus! I want one of those shirts

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Inspired by a real episode, this story depicts a part of youth culture that lives in the neighborhood where the creation of prejudices and hierarchies begin to emerge and where the ingenuity and spirit of survival are always present.

This road always photographs well.


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Woody…not so much!

The two greatest photos…

in the history of any photos selling cycling stuff!



Team Dream Bicycling Team went a bit crazy with the product today!

Great work Jesse!