Yellow Carpet Tour at Mavic!

As I pulled into Mavic’s parking lot with the Team Dream Tourist De France squad, we were instantly surrounded by yellow. We pulled the Peugeot 504 in next to all the modern Service Course vehicles, where there were VW Station Wagons and Sprinters all over the place, even BMW motorcycles, but nothing had the class of the little 504. So we decided to give her a rinse since she’d be leaving for the final stage of the Tour De France on the Champs-Élysées the next day. Now looking back at it, I think Mavic may have just tricked us into washing their car for them, but at the time it seemed so cool.

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Detroit opens new Velodrome!

The most talked-about venue in the U.S. cycling world is about to open right here in Detroit. The 64,000-square-foot, $4 million Lexus Velodrome will host a Grand Opening race weekend January 26 and 27. Curbed stopped by for a sneak preview of the racing and fitness facility.

Led by Dale Hughes, Executive Director of the Detroit Fitness Foundation and velodrome-designer, the indoor multi-sport complex was built on Tolan Playfield in Midtown. The site was named in 1968 to honor Thomas Edward Tolan, Cass Tech graduate and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, who was the first African American man deemed the “World’s Fastest Human.”

Hughes has built more than 20 velodromes around the world…

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