Hopefully this is my view…

when you see this post to Tracko!


Speaking of John…Prolly is Dead!

See you guys later!


I’ll hopefully be back to regular posting next week.

Who wants to go on a road trip?



Image from…HERE and HERE!

Golden Hour Low!

First time I saw a picture of this bike, all I could think of was golden hour, especially here in California. Then I just happened to run into Patrick up top at golden hour and these photos are the product of that happening. Great seeing you out and about Patrick!


An apple a day, keeps them climbing legs.


More images…HERE!

Nothing like seeing old friends…

and new friends…doing what they do best!


More of Christopher Lee profiling Brean Shea at The Radavist!

I haven’t seen Brean in sometime now, but I bet he’s still the raddest and most kind messenger out there!