‘Tis the season…


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Everything you need to make a movie in the mountains!


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Elliot from Kitsbow, fitness, Niner RLT Steel with new fork with front rack mounts, lots of Ortlieb bags, Weather-proof DSLR, carbon-fiber tripod, camping gear, and most importantly 14 of the raddest people Colorado has to offer!

**Elliot, I’d suggest bringing some warmer gloves next time too.**

This photo was shot at the top of Buffalo Pass coming into Steamboat Springs, it was cold, rocky, and hailing on us. Everyone was cold, Elliot had no gloves at this point and was bit too cold to shoot anything. Luckily we have this photo and few others from up there! But most importantly we have our memories and we’ll be thinking about this day for the rest of our lives!

Good times Steamboat Ralleye!!!

More on this very soon!

Hands down the best infomercial I have ever seen!

These two!


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Yanco and Bicycle Crumbs finally got to hangout.