Still wear more Outlier than anything!

Welcome to Klum House!


In theory, we all make things everyday. But think about the last time you truly made something – with your mind, with your hands, with your heart. Maybe you cooked dinner from scratch, designed your own garden, built a table, or fashioned a piece of jewelry. You created something, whether for yourself or someone else. Maybe it was your own idea, or perhaps you borrowed bits and pieces from others. Either way, you put it out there, a tangible piece of your efforts, and it felt fantastic.

Dustin Klein and Ellie Lum are professional makers and are lucky enough to experience this feeling each day through their various artistic expressions. Dustin is the founder of Cadence lifestyle cycling apparel and has a fine art practice, using mediums of design, painting, and tattooing. Ellie is the founding partner of RE Load Bags and specializes in the craft of sewing and teaching skill-building workshops. Together they created Klum House, a space where they live and work. As skilled makers, they make all the things they need or want, and offer many of their goods and wares for sale. Simply put, it’s seriously cool.

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Keep on truckin’ you two!

I got a jump on this week!


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The Affinity Super Bike!




The proprietary design is from Affinity’s Jason Gallacher and handmade in Brooklyn at Thomas Callahan’s custom fabrication shop Horse Cycles.

Brilliantly painted in house with a glass like quality clear coat by Ben Falcon paint works.

A distinct detail of the Anthem is a thin sleek integrated seat mast, and our proprietary seat post wedge co designed with famed bicycle industry design engineer Aaron Panone of 44rn.


It’s the first new Track Bike I’ve seen in some time that I actually want to purchase, probably because so many of my friends have their hands in this project. Can I get a got damn!

This bike deserves two post!