Two track bike videos I’d recommend watching…

100 Tacos at GSC this Sunday for Sim Works Pop-up!


Don’t forget to eat while Riding!


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I’m back!!!


It’s been way too long. I’m looking forward to diving headfirst into the cycling world I missed while I was away, and sharing all the cycling related stuff I did while I was gone. But I’d say the one thing I’m most excited about…is RIDING THIS BIKE!

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R.I.P Bike + Book + Hatchet

I wrote a little something about Rivendell’s Bike + Book + Hatchet for The Radavist, urging people to visit this wonderful store before they closed, hopefully everyone made it!


The modest Bike + Book + Hatchet storefront is tucked away on Main Street and easy to miss mixed in among stores like Pottery Barn, Chanel, Neiman Marcus, etc. That being said, B+B+H stands out as definite departure from the otherwise cookie cutter shopping zone and chain restaurants that surround it. At the entrance a lengthy explanation sets the scene for what you can expect inside and gives the impression in no uncertain terms that not everyone in Walnut Creek gets it. I’m not surprised. B+B+H is old world retail with handmade signs, orderly but not neat displays, a pile of old records on the ground to provide the soundtrack and staff that really care about what they’re selling you. Now that’s just crazy.

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